Catalan is a romance language and originated in Latin as spoken by the Romans. There are around 9 million bilingual speakers (speaking Spanish as a second or first language) within the region of Catalunya (Spain). Any visitor to Barcelona will hear Catalan spoken everywhere, and the language is growing from strength to strength after a period of decline and repression.

Catalan words and phrases

A few first phrases

My name is .. Em dic ..
What is your name ?
Com et dius?
How are you ?
Com estàs?
Fine, and you ?
Bé, i tu?
Pleased to meet you(male speaking)
Encantat de coneixe't
Pleased to meet you(female speaking)
Encantada de coneixe't
How much is it ? Quin preu té?
See you later
Ens veiem més tard
Ho sento
Excuse me

Buying Things. General phrases

I want to buy .. Vull comprar ..
I'm just looking
Només mirava
How much is it ?
Quin preu té ?
It's too expensive
És massa car
Do you accept credit cards ?
Accepteu targetes de crèdit ?

Do you speak English ?
Parles anglès ?
I don't speak Catalan
No parlo català
I don´t understand
No ho entenc
Pardon ?
Mana ?
What is it called in Catalan ? Com es diu això en català ?
Please speak more slowly
Si us plau, parla més a poc a poc
What does .. mean ? Què vol dir ..?

Where are you from ?
D'on ets ?
I'm from England Sóc d'Anglaterra
I'm from America
Sóc dels Estats Units
Have you been to my country ?
Has estat al meu país?
I live in (the city of) .. Visc a (la ciutat de)..
What do you think of the city ? Què en penses, de la ciutat?

Where is .. ?
On és..?
Where are .. ? On són..?
How do I get to .. ? Com puc arribar a...?
Can I walk there? Puc anar caminant ?
Is there a bus ? Hi ha un autobús ?
Is there a train ? Hi ha un tren ?
Is it far ? Està lluny ?
Can you show me on the map ? M'ho pots ensenyar al mapa ?

Can we eat ?
Podem menjar ?
Can we have breakfast ? Podem esmorzar ?
Is there a table free ? Hi ha alguna taula lliure ?
A table for four, please
Una taula per quatre, si us plau
I'd like to book a table for two Voldria reservar una taula per dos
The menu, please El menú, si us plau
For the first course De primer
For the second course De segon
For dessert Per postres
Have you any vegetarian dishes ? Teniu plats vegetarians ?

At the bar
It´s my round
A aquesta ronda convido jo
What would you like to drink ? Què vols beure ?
Cheers ! Salut !
I'm feeling drunk ! Estic borratxo !
I feel ill No em trobo bé
The wine list, please
La carta de vins, si us plau
Same again, please
Un altre, si us plau
Is food available here ?
Teniu alguna cosa per menjar ?
What sandwiches do you have ? Quins entrepans teniu ?

Getting around
Do you have a map of .. ?
Té un mapa de...?
How long does it take to get to .. ?
Quant de temps cal per arribar a ..?
Is this seat free ? Està lliure aquest seient ?
Do I need to change?
M'he de canviar ?
A single ticket Un bitllet
A return ticket Un bitllet d'anada i tornada
Is there a discount for children ? Hi ha cap descompte pels nens ?
Is there a discount for pensioners ? Hi ha cap descompte pels pensionistes ?
A ticket for .. Un bitllet per ..

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