Estonian phrases

Estonian is spoken by approximately 1 million speakers who mainly live in Estonia, and so it would be fair to describe it as a minority language in world terms. It is also one of the Uralic languages which means that it is tricky for us English speakers to learn.

So, the general trickyness of the language, and the fact that  there is generally not much need for Estonian when outside of Estonia,  means that you are unlikely to have learnt any in day-to-day life.

Nonetheless if you are visiting Estonia, you should learn some of this fascinating language (shame on you, if you don't), and it is perfectly possible to learn some common phrases without too much difficulty.

(Try Linguata Estonian for this).

After all, when in Tallinn, speak as the Estonians do.  (Well, at least learn a few key words and phrases and show respect for the Estonian language  and culture.)

And here they are :-

Basic phrases   A few basic Estonian phrases. Hello, goodbye, yes, no and so on .

Common Estonian phrases Commonly used phrases


Estonian Phrases

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