Romanian has 25 million speakers and is spoken in Romania, Moldova and the Ukraine. It is a romance language and out of all the romance languages has the most similarities to Latin (from where they all originated), for example retaining the nominative, vocative, accuasative, genative and dative cases.

Romanian words and phrases

General phrases

Goodbye La revedere
Good morning Buna dimineata
Good afternoon Buna ziua
Good evening Buna seara
Yes Da
No Nu
Please (formal) Va rog
Please (informal) Te rog
Thanks Multumesc

A Few First Phrases

My name is .. Numele meu este ..
My name is .. Ma cheama ..
What is your name (formal)? Cum va numiti?
What is your name (informal? Cum te numesti?
Fine, and you (informal)? Bine, dar tu
Fine, and you (formal)? Bine, dar dumneavoastra
Pleased to meet you (formal) Incântat sa va întâlnesc
Pleased to meet you (informal) Incântat sa te întâlnesc
How much is it? Cât costa?
See you later La revedere
Excuse me (formal) Ma scuzati
Excuse me (informal) Scuze

Buying Things. General phrases

I want to buy .. Vreau sa cumpar
I’m just looking Ma uit doar
How much is it Cât costa?
It’s too expensive Este prea scump
Do you accept credit cards? Acceptati carti de credit?
That’s all, thanks Atât, multumesc
It is faulty E cu defect

Numbers. 1 to 10
Two doi
Three trei
Four patru
Five cinci
Six sase
Seven sapte
Eight opt
Nine noua
Ten zece

Days of the week
Tuesday Marti
Wednesday Miercuri
Thursday Joi
Friday Vineri
Saturday Sâmbata
Sunday Duminica

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